First impressions can be misleading! Shiina nearly died when the current swept her out to sea. Instead, she was rescued by a mysterious star-shaped creature and plunged into a strange adventure! Her new friend Hoshimaru leads her into a maelstrom of alien attacks and to a secret society of psychic children. Is Shiina destined to become one of them? And is her new pet truly a friend, or a threat to all humanity? Shiina's dad is missing in action after his plane is attacked by an alien creature! Meanwhile, her best friend Akira has gotten mixed up with a vicious group of psychics.

Hannah's comments: This series is from the manga which still isn't finished. I don't know what to say... so so good!! But I had to admit, Hoshimaru is a big reason why I think the series (and manga) is excellent. Hoshimaru is so adorable and cute, I can't find any words!! I have become a big fanof Hoshimaru! He's even cuter in the anime, because of the movements, the animation. Well. Story is very good, but also very tricky to understand and follow. I also think the anime could have been longer , not only 13 episodes. In the beginning I couldn't understand why the age was set to 16+, but after a few episodes I understood. Nude things, and more and more violance and even scary pictures/animations. Music suits excellent. I recommend this series ver,very much, BUT, if you are able to read the manga first, do so. You can have more out of the story in the anime if you do. Lay back and enjoy.

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