On the other side of the tunnel there was a strange town. In a place that doesn't exist, something impossible happened.
A 10 year-old girl named Chihiro stumbled upon a world humans were forbidden to enter. In a town of mysteries and oddities, Chihiro comes to know much indifference and a little bit of hope.
" Can I work here?"
The strength to live, long dormant within her, began to awaken.
Hannah's comments: More strong colours and details than it used to be, when it comes to Miyazaki's films. A nice "ghost"-film. The variations of ghosts are excellent, here it's definatly NOT a ghost = a ghost. I really like the big differeents between day and night in that city. Though, I must admit, this film is so far, Miyazaki's most strange film, but also one of his best.

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