Something bizarre has come over the land. The kingdom is deteriorating. People are beginning to act strange... What's even more strange is that people are beginning to see dragons, which shouldn't enter the world of humans. Due to all these bizarre events, Ged, a wandering wizard, is investigating the cause. During his journey, he meets Prince Arren, a young distraught teenage boy. While Arren may look like a shy young teen, he has a severe dark side, which grants him strength, hatred, ruthlessness and has no mercy, especially when it comes to protecting Teru. For the witch Kumo this is a perfect opportunity. She can use the boy's "fears" against the very one who would help him, Ged.

Hannah's comments: In Swedish the name of the film is: Legender från övärlden. Ged can also be called Sparrowhawk. If you have seen a few Studio Ghibli films, you will recognize its animation. Smooth lines of each characters and always a little of "the year 1500"-fashion. Landscape and the backgroundmusic aren´t anything to complain about. I know it is a film to just watch, without questioning anything, but I can´t help thinking: Why are there so few neighbours around? Landscape, landscape...and suddenly a big,big castle shows up. A big castle which seems to contain many, many corridors and stairs, but few rooms. And why this little tiny army, shall the nearby city´s military just be that small? Is it common that wizards have more than just one name? One which is more of a secret? I think the story is so, so, it lacks of details and a full story inbetween the lines here and there. A long film, which could be cut to a shorter version. But yes, the time to show the film is right, when "everyone" talk about climate and saving the world. This film is made from Ursula K LeGuin´s classic book, A wizard of Earthsea. A film for Ghiblifans.

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