According to legend, a demon is imprisoned inside the Masaki Shrinej in Kurashiki, Japan. When Tenchi Masaki, a student at the local high school and grandson to the shrine master, accidentally breaks the "seal", he discovers that it is not just a legend! Awakened from a deep sleep, Ryoko, the demon, in the form of a beautiful young girl, furious to discover she has been imprisoned for over 700 years, launches an all-out attack on Tenchi.Using her amazing powers, including flying through the air, moving through walls, and hurling massive bolts of electrical power from her hands, she pursues Tenchi in a terrifying midnight chase throughout the school.

Hannah's comments: After watching "Lain" I felt I had to watch a more happier tv-series and not so depressing. I don't like that the story-makers making fun of persons, for instance "dumb blondine", but ok I could handle that after a while. I could guess you can see each episodes by itself, but of course you understand more and more as the story goes on. The swords they are using, reminds you very much of the lightsabers they using in Star Wars. Also some short moments in the space reminds you about S.W. Anyway, my conclusion is this series make you having fun WITH (not AGAINST) all involved characters.

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