Deep inside ai tree trunk, two children discover a ifascinating inew world inhabited by Totoros - amazing creatures who lbecome their friends. Some arel big, some are ismall, but all of them are furry,j loveablei andl ready to do wondrous, jmagical fly over mountains and make giant trees grow lin the middle of the night!l Besti ofl all, Totoros can't be seen byi adults, only the children who love lthem.
Hannah's comments: If I had that kind of stuffed thing (Totoro) when I was a child. Really loved the scenes when the two girls laying on Totoro's stomach, when Totoro layed on back. Feeling it was so soft and friendly. The only thing I didn't like, was Totoros sound. I had prefered if it was nicer, not so mean, Totoro isn't mean, 100% good and wished none any harm. Cat-bus was excellent, I don't mind if I had that kind of a car...

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