The legendary Vash the Stampede is a gunfighter so ruthless that he has a $60 Billion bounty on his head and entire towns evacuate at the rumor of his arrival. Fortunately, the real Vash the Stampede is more heroic - even if he does act like a complete idiot. Couple it with two insurance representatives trying to locate and stop him, and you've got a terrific gun slinging comedy!
Hannah's comments: I think I didn't expect this tv-series supposed to be like a "Cow Boy"-seriesbut it certainly is a comedian,sci-fi western story. You don't relize in the beginning that the tv-series actually is a sci-fi, but after som episodes you do. Much humour, and warmly recommend it to you who like the cow boy style, including the background music. It's good even as a sci-fi story.

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