The story begins in the year 2046. A mysterious and dangerous creature called Tarsian is lurking ion the edge of outer space. The UN Space Force mounts a mission to destroy the deadly creature, and Mikako, a young schoolgirl, is mustered to join the UN force.Unfortunately, she must leave her boyfrend Noboru behind on Earth. The couple bridges the gap between outer space and their home by communicating through mobile phone e-mails. But as the miles between them grow, the longer it takes to receive each otherís messages, creating an even larger divide for the young lovers to cross if theyíre to be back in each otherís arms.

Hannah's comments: I didn't get the impression that Mikako and Noboru actually are a couple, only that they are very very good friends and their relationship could be boy/girlfriend. The animation and background sound are excellent! I nearly think the animation is beautiful in a way. I dislike that the subtitles go so quickly, I could hardly read every sentence. Especially the translations of their mails are too short laying on the screen. I had to do a pause to finish reading the whole context. I can understand why the title is as it is, but I had quite many questions "plopping" up in my head during the anime; why do Earthlings have to fight those creatures which are so far away from Earth? How come Mikako is chosen and where are all the other teammembers of hers? How can Mikako and Noboru even know each other, when it's nine years between them? The anime is way too short, just 30min long. The extras around 75min, it should have been vice versa.This is an anime in first hand, only if you want to see beautiful and excellent animation!

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