Welcome to Hannah's information page!!

A little about this and that.

This homepage is first of all for personal reasons,e.g for friends and persons who have same interests as I do ,or curious in general.

I WILL NOT AGREE to be assocciated with any homepage,site of violance,drugs or 6 or any other things which can hurt any living thing!

ALL PHOTOS IN MY HOMEPAGE ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO COPY. If you want to have your own copy,please ask me for permission!!

Yes, I know I have been behind with all my updates on the homepage. My plans so far...Reviews on animes: Blood + chapters 1-3, Cheeky Angel, Fafner in Azure, whole tv-series of Lupin the 3rd, Saikano. Reviews on the films " The Cats of Mirikitani", " Laura's Star" and "The Promise", from the Tribeca Festival 2006 in N.Y, held in the end of April and beginning of May. Review of the Danish animation: Torkel i knipa. A little "on the feet" in my Hammarbypage (see logo).
I also watch more anime: Beck, Blood +, Elemental Gelade, Eureka Seven, Hikaru no Go, lots of other... So be patient, and I hope you will read my homepage once in a while. Also, in coming...take a look at the Swedish animefanpage, www.animefan.se.

I have more or less recently discovered a new world, the world of anime,manga and once in a while even Japanese culture.I sometimes write notes about the series and films, which you can see under my anime-page or Sci-fi,animated page.

Are you interested in mathematics, especially in analytic and algebra? Don't hesitate to write to me, comments in my blogg, news in that area, research problems about this etc.

You are very much welcome to contact me, ask me anything concerning my interests and I try to give an answer.

I have to update my companylist.

Translation into German. . I'll try to translate the German page while I write this, but at the moment it isn't the biggest priority.

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Thanks to Mr Zimmer for the background of the information page.

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